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Do what you love at least an hour or three per week. Someone WILL pay you for your skills.
Whatever you do with your time, you can surely invest an hour or three into your future.
The more you invest into your Shortcuts Expressway, the more it rebounds to you.
An hour or three per week times a hundred weeks and five hundred equals mastery.
Truthfully look back, count the speed of the last four and five hundred weeks of your life.
There is a magic secret in knowing that ten minutes per day adds up to a hundred thousand.
Not over a lifetime! If you're lucky you will get 25,000 good days in which to choose excellence.
Ten minutes per day doing whatever brings you most pleasure totals a quarter of a million minutes.
MisterShortcut invested about fifteen minutes each day into many discrete efforts to develop mastery.
Those extra few minutes added up for MisterShortcut, and they are certain to add up the same for you.
Whatever you focus most upon is what your brain works on to make happen, along with the universe.
EVERY time that you commit yourself to mastery, your universe conspires to make it happen for you.
Since you can find a treasure of measure of shortcuts within this little powerchat, list them for you.
When you make a written list, you free up brain-space to attain a newer level of potent wisdom.
When we suspend preconceptions to embrace a wisdom, we profoundly lift our intelligence.
One of the great little bits of wisdom is understanding that there is one magic to wisdom.
It is perfect, and it's delectably unlimited. Are you ready to increase your intelligence?
Every bit of wisdom you learn, every iota of information that has some value to you,
without exception, has more and better benefits than what you have seen so far.
Examine ANY utile information and find secondary & tertiary benefits for You.
May the ads of the Healthbook of Longevity appeal to you without any limit.
Shortcuts Expressway PowerGems are hidden all over these many sites.
As often as not, PowerGems are hidden right in plain site, and sight.
Always look for the 2nd meaning, so you can find the 3rd, 4th...
because there are masters and millionaires rooting you on.
Imitate the actions of champions to imitate their results

Shapetalk Exegesis - Shortcuts Expressway

Employ this treat of Shapetalk, in pursuit of boosting your chances,
since Life provides us only so many rounds, so many Sunday dances.
Shapetalk might often tease you, and Shapetalk may yet also please you.
Most of all the Shortcuts Expressway hopes, that Shapetalk will release you.
The bonds that hold you back are doubts, the traitors that Shakespeare wrote of,
and the greatest of secrets, PowerGems, that lie beneath Shapetalk YOU can take hold of.
The secrets of masters and millionaires, the shapetalk of champions and billionaires,
follow the Shapetalk, find what's inside, and maybe YOU'll be our first trillionaire.
The Shortcuts Expressway is pleased to be the Shapetalk Capital of the World,
whereas Healthbook of Longevity vies also for that central Shapetalk spot,
and so, via both the Shortcuts Expressway and Healthbook of Longevity,
Shapetalk delivers many of the greatest master secrets of the universe.

What you do speaks so loudly we can hardly hear a word you say.
Embrace this Shortcuts Expressway Shapetalk, and grow more.

Your life is meant to mean more than it is meaning to us now.
Find what you need inside many thousands of Shapetalks.

The effort is worth it, as long as you are a good person.
Bad guys are in too much of a rush to seek meanings.

Yes, sure, the bright ones catch the first of wisdom.

The hungry can learn to seek second meanings.
The hungriest learn third meanings and more.

It is among the fastest of intelligence lifters.

Shortcuts Expressway - Perceptions Of SweetDomains

Domainers, Domainists, and Domaineers, all collecting SweetDomains. These are some of what the Shortcuts Expressway considers SweetDomains,
perenially and perfervidly pursuing greater effective skills in helping people to help themselves, because the playing fields are not even enough.
Do not wait for the rich men to come down and offer a hand up. They are too few for the rest of humanity to await their pleasure or service.

The Shortcuts Expressway was born of loving to give free information, not cash money.
The entire set of websites, highly-ranked for many, many sets of keyphrases is for sale.
All this can be yours for just $21,000,000, or the offer we like most among all offers. -   OneShortcut Is A Shortcuts Expressway Keyword - DoctorShortcut Prescription Of Masters & Champions -   "Mister-Shortcut Delivers Your Shapetalk Shortcuts Way -   Original MisterShortcut Site, Urging You To Get One Percent Better -   MrShortcut - Another Early (Delicious) MrShortcut Self-Empowerment Site -   MrShortcut Shares Shortcuts Expressway-Level of Great Shortcuts With You! -   Imitating Masters Tends To Work - Thus, A Shortcuts Expressway PowerGem -   Deliciously sweet domain to bring you your own Shortcuts Expressway version
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Now we come to Regulata and Shapetalk. If you do not know what Regulata and Shapetalk are, do your research! -  Regulata Appears To Be The Rule With Anyone's Shortcuts Expressway - - The Shortcuts Expressway Shapetalk Capital Rich With Your PowerGems - Because the Shapetalker Proffers The Shortcuts Expressway In Shapetalk - Succeeding faster is easier when you possess the master secrets of the universe.
    Shapetalking from the Shapetalk Shortcuts Way encourages that success. Look INTO Shapetalk.

- Millionaires and billionaires lives by their best wealth facts. Imitate them to imitate their results. Doubling your income in 100 days gets much easier with any wealth fact... in fact, ANY one wealth fact

- The title of this cute domain says it adequately. Domains and yet more domains.

The Shortcuts Expressway is the ultimate in self-empowerment, with the Godfather of EyeCandy, for You 
These are the great shortcuts of masters and millionaires, the great shortcuts of champions and billionaires,
and, quite likely, YOUR best shortcuts to succeeding. That's why the Shortcuts Expressway is here for your life, because total winning is the credo and effort most embraced at the Shapetalk Shortcuts Way, where the Shapetalk Shortcuts Way presents you with shortcuts that work everywhere.

Lee Iaccoca taught that the ultimate salesman/woman is not the guy or gal that makes the sale, for everyone can make a sale.
The ultimate salesman or saleswoman is the man or woman who gets repeat business...     ... delivering more than promised.

Since the Shortcuts Expressway delivers more than promised, here are some of the extra freebies we want to include.
Let your imagination run free on what else the Shortcuts Expressway and Healthier Way of Living include for free.
Every domain or website purchase from the -   Smart people embrace alternative medicine and doctors

Greatest Of The Greatest - Doing Best Means More Than Knowing Best
Healthbook of Longevity Hails QRA Practitioners As Heroes Of This Century
Healthbook of Longevity brings many QRA websites so that all human beings can learn QRA.

If you appreciate the gift of many people of genius who wish to help you help yourself, learn QRA testing, all free.
You'll immediately develop a no-doubt-about-it increased control of your health and life, to use all your lifetime.
Nothing in any test you have ever known of can prepare you for the astonishing and permanent power of QRA.
If you are not too stupid, you can forever understand how to test EVERY food or item coming into or near you.
As elegant as QRA is, even young children can EASILY be trained to do QRA testing rapidly, and accurately.
With QVials, EnergyVials, FoodBoosters, and more, you can transform electrical pollution to your benefit.
Healthbook of Longevity avers that YOU, doing QRA at home, preclude need of many appointments.

A one-second bidigital test, an exponential expansion of Dr. Omura's GENIUS-like patented BDORT.

Everyone who can make an "0" with two fingers, anyone who can gently pull it apart as you resist,
has achieved fully half of what QRA testing is, bless Marshall & Forbes for THEIR flavor of genius.
Hold your ring finger and thumb in the shape of an "O" and resist as someone else gently pulls it apart.
When both of you see approximately how much strength it takes to pull the ring open a bit, that's enough.
You can now grab an item, pinch it between 2 fingers and thumb, hold it against your chest and test again.
You now know how to test any food or non-food item to see if your body is inordinately sensitive to the item.

With so much to learn, you are urged to visit the QRA websites to learn more about Quantum Reflex Analysis.

QRA Testing Made Simple

    Each website offers you a different coign of vantage. Millions of content-rich, unique and relevant pages for YOU.  
The Shapetalk Shortcuts Way and Healthier Way of Living share millions of pages, more than you will read throughout your lifetime
If you are trained and inclined to respect the findings and opinions of world-class masters, you will surely want to learn about QRA.
Nothing in the experience of people with astronomical IQ's can compare to the accuracy and utility, day-to-day usefulness, of QRA.
If you get nothing else from these millions of pages from Healthbook of Longevity and beyond, at least learn QRA for yourself.
Who embraces Healthbook of Longevity embraces QRA, and support Marshall and Forbes for a Nobel Peace Prize, for QRA. - Who practices QRA says, "QRA me," to QRA practitioners, to identify exactly what's weak, and what nutrition will remediate the weakness - With respect to nutrition, the name of Healthbook of Longevity favorite approach is QRA, also to be named nutrition of the 21st century

A cornerstone of both the Shapetalk Shortcuts Way and Healthbook of Longevity invokes a powerful, useful reminder:
We cannot learn less about anything! Learning to do QRA testing is vitally useful to us all.

Learn what any competent bioenergetic practitioner calls "body knowledge." QRA works! - Nearly all but the last health challenge has proven, safer answers. Healthbook of Longevity recommends QRA practitioners
- The best doctors in the world surely are QRA Practitioners. Natural, healthier, safer, QRA is the winner of the 21st century

Credit to QRA practitioners focusing on kai-sen - never-ending improvement.
Even YOU can be the best of a thousand QRA practitioners,
it's easier to learn than nearly any other skill you have!

Of all the tests you meet in life, QRA Testing is likely more important than any other,
since QRA is the most accurate test. Great good luck disproving accuracy of QRA test:
we tried literally thousands of times! Plus, the smarter you, the more gobsmacked!

QRA is the mother of all game-changers.
Use QRA testing to measure energy level of food, drink, and more.
What makes you instantly test weak, or strong?urges - No allopathic device reveals more personal info about you and your energy than a quantum reflex analysis expert
Online or offline, Healthbook of Longevity URGES you to learn how to do reflex analysis
on your food, beverages, bed linens, glasses, loved ones, etc. Get wowed!

- From your first QRA testing, QRA practitioners give double the satisfaction, with such accuracy.

Training for QRA testing is quite easy. Most humans attending QRA training require only one lesson to learn.
As you practice QRA testing with your family and friends, you will be training THEM in QRA, to use for life.
Considering all of the foolish training we undergo in life, QRA training to do QRA testing, is for YOUR best.

Everything great in life has a "catch." The catch to QRA is that the person doing the testing must be strong at GV20.
Also easy to test in a single second, testing strong at GV20 assures consistent, reliable accuracy in QRA testing.
GV20 is located at the highest point on the head, lined up with the top of the ears. Easy, simple, accurate.
20 seconds of PRL's QCI, or one-tenth of a second of our QVials, and all points temporarily strengthen.

So, why doeshave training Healthbook of Longevity give such inordinate respect to expert QRA practitioners?
Do QRA practitioners have training and testing that favor accuracy more than allopathic methods?

Of all Healthbook of Longevity subjects you may choose to engage, always prioritize QRA.
There is nothing like it for instantly testing weakness and strength, in yourself, and far more.
Whether you join the ranks of America's premier expert QRA practitioners, Level III, etc.,
(you should know that not all expert QRA practitioners are Texas-trained, learning solo),
or just simply learn to use the one-second bigidital test brilliantly taught by Dr. Omura,
be sure you understand that QRA is among the five most powerful tools of your life.
Healthbook of Longevity urges you to try out at least one trained QRA practitioner.
Your life will never be the same, with benefits that will delight and please you.
This is not about the QRA practitioners, however expert each may prove to be.

While consulting with a QRA practitioner IS, in the opinion of MisterShortcut, eta alia, smart.
Smarter still is the person who grabs a friend or family member, and practices the one-second energy test a dozen times in a minute or three.u

12-second commercial:
QVials, supercharged as never before in history, making EVERY body point test strong.
Although the effect is temporary, bioavailability of nutrition is temporarily at its greatest

We do not quit, at anything, because we failed. We fail as soon as we choose to quit.
One closing thought about a matter of great import to the Shortcuts Expressway:
You already know that what goes around comes around, as in “What goes up…”
Clickthrough to TheHungerSite, once for each day you get to live and breathe.
When you save dozens & then hundreds of lives, luck tends to transmogrify.
All that we do comes back to us over and again, good, bad, or indifferent.
Delight in how profoundly, how repeatedly your life is rapidly enriched.
You need not believe the Shortcuts Expressway or any one human.
The best way to confirm or deny a fact is to replicate it, repeatedly.
Click through to TheHungerSite and other "Free Clicks" websites.
AnimalRescue and RainForest, ChildHealth, or LiteracySite.
Enjoy for yourself the sweet fruits of imitating champions.

As with every act of anonymous kindness you commit, YOU win.
As we all do, you will experience some of your life’s greatest feelings.
For applause, you can sign up at & tally your clickthroughs.
It's quite a feeling when you realize you have saved hundreds of lives.
You are smart enough to know that Newton's Law works consistently.
What goes up, comes down: what goes around comes around.
Join with the Shortcuts Expressway, solving problems,
one at a time, with the best and greatest shortcuts,
universal shortcuts sweetly called “PowerGems.”


Neither the Shortcuts Expressway or Healthier Way of Living necessarily supports products offered for sale
through the millions of pages of your Shortcuts Expressway and Healthier Way of Living Web Networks.
In pursuit of helping the world, the Shortcuts Expressway and Healthier Way of Living are free.
One way of keeping these thousands of MisterShortcut websites free is to permit advertising.

Especially when there are commissions involved, suggestions justifiably reduce credibility.
Thus, we provide the links to USUALLY screened, carefully-selected ads, for you to consider.
Many products ARE good, meriting Shortcuts Expressway or Healthier Way of Living support.
The challenge is that the ads change so often, and integrity is becoming rarer in our beloved nation,
so it is vital for all us buyers to beware, and always, always ask vendors questions before placing orders.
That being said, these products are carefully screened by Clickbank. We seek fairness, value, and integrity.
Helping to feed the starving online since 1994, the Shortcuts Expressway and Healthier Way of Living are for YOU.
Buy if you like, don't buy if you don't like, just PLEASE, make sure that your today is focused on your growing excellence.

1,440 unique opportunities per day to show us who and what you are.
What you do speaks so loudly we can hardly hear a word you say.

Proposed MetaTags, supporting the asseveration that Dr. David Cohen, ND, PhD, MH, CNC,
possibly the greatest QRA practitioner of all time, wizard of Brooklyn,
will long be considered, if not the single greatest naturopathic doctor of all time,
certainly AMONG the greatest naturopaths. From QRA to Ondamed, et alia,
Dr. Cohen uses the greatest technologies to attain the greatest results.
THOUSANDS of patients from a dozen countries (and growing) say so,
when they return a year or three later for an entirely different issue,
or when they send a friend, or loved one, to consult the great man
Greatest this, sure, and greatest that, we all talk about "greatest."
In Dr. Cohen's case, "greatest" almost seems an understatement.

Metatags For Shapetalk Shortcuts Abstract Wisdom Self Help, and so much more! Where to start?

Samples of meta tags, including titles, descriptions, abstracts, keyphrases, keywords to use to solidify your search engine candidacy, provided you deliver what you promise

Basic Title: - Wisdom in EyeCandy ShapeTalk - Master Secrets of Success EyeCandy Shapetalk Shortcuts Wisdom
Secondary title: - Healthier Way of Living - Helping Yourself Naturally - Self-Help - Heal Naturally With Healthbook of Longevity, greatest of the greatest approaches

Primary description: Powerful Wisdom in EyeCandy ShapeTalk. MisterShortcut, Master secrets of success via EyeCandy Shapetalk Shortcuts Wisdom. Shapetalk wisdom

Secondary Description - Healthy Shapetalk from MisterShortcut, Healthier Way of Living , helping you to help yourself,
naturally, invites you to enter the world's healthiest shortcuts, from Healthbook of Longevity.
greatest self-help approaches, healthiest practices, greatest health, helping yourself naturally

Abstract - Shapetalk from MisterShortcut, success with shortcuts, wisdom wrapped in EyeCandy Shapetalk, Shortcuts Expressway

Secondarized Abstract: Shapetalking with the Godfather of EyeCandy and Shortcuts, MisterShortcut,
Metatags III: Presenting wisdom on success with eyecandy shapetalk.

Tertiary Abstract: Shortcuts Expressway, helping yourself naturally, healthiest shortcuts, self-help, greatest health
, helping yourself naturally, Healthier Way of Living . Greatest self-help approaches, healthiest practices,

Keyphrase - MisterShortcut, helping yourself naturally, healthiest shortcuts, self-help, greatest health, greatest naturopathic doctors, Dr, David, Cohen, self-help, Healthier, greatest naturopathic, doctors,
effective naturopaths, Healthier Way of Living . Greatest self-help approaches, healthiest practices,

Keyword - MisterShortcut, helping yourself naturally, healthiest shortcuts, self-help, greatest health tips and secrets that work fast,
greatest naturopathic doctor, natural, healing, health, better, greatest, doctors, naturopathy, greater, health,
naturopathic, doctors, Healthier Way of Living . naturopaths, greatest, self-help, approaches, healthiest, practices,

In pursuit of being YOUR greatest source of QRA information,
from QRA testing and QRA training to consulting QRA practitioners,
Healthbook of Longevity presents even more QRA websites for learning.

Whether your book your or self-trained QRA person or self-trained QRA person or self-trained QRA person, such as Dr. Cohen,
or whether you go to Austin, Texas to obtain QRA training for you and perhaps your family,
there is no test on earth more important to our health and longevity than one-second QRA testing.

Learn more so you might live more, because the more we learn, the better our decisions tend and prove to be.

David Cohen, Healthier Way of Living naturopath, Level III QRA practitioner, helping thousands of people.

Teach yourself! - Seconds to learn it, a lifetime to use it.
See what makes YOU instantly test strong or weak. What foods or pillows or bed linens or shoes or glasses or supplements...
cause YOUR other hand's thumb & finger to instantly be unable to hold tightly together? Proof is instant.

Best of all, the proof is in your hands. YOU do the one-second test with anyone you choose.

Can you learn too much about quantum reflex analysis? QRA proves to be the most accurate test you will ever meet.
Less talking, more testing.
Can YOU hold your phone against body without other hand losing ability to hold thumb & finger tightly? Nope, no one can,
not until you supercharge or megacharge or hypercharge with any of MisterShortcut's devices, including forever-free Megaphotons.

Simply exposing anything or anyone on earth to Megaphotons instantly proves with one-second QRA test... to test strong!

No matter how weak something tests, with EMF meter or refractometer, BDORT, or QRA, simple exposure is enough!

ANYTHING or ANYONE exposed to megaphotons instantly passes every known energy test.

Raising your intelligence and using alternative remedies go hand in hand. Alternative is really a misnomer.
The truth is that these modern-day patent-medicines sicken and kill far more than they have ever benefited.
When you put artificial nutrition into your body, you cannot except to have more than artificial health, hm?

TAGS:, Shortcuts Expressway ShapeTalk Zone, Master Secrets of Success, MisterShortcut,
Shapetalk on the secrets of success. Shortcuts Expressway delicious EyeCandy and wisdom.
Self-empowerment does not mean knowing the master secrets of the success: Not enough.
Self-empowerment is USE of the master secrets of success, many of which you know.
You knew them as a young child, when you were determined to learn at high speed.
Then came adolescence, development of too high a concern for others' opnions.
Your drive for excellence was replaced by genuinely empty social concerns.

It is not physiologically that your brain slows down. It is by your choice.
Your wish and need to fit in suck up literally millions of your thoughts.
Thus does your brain get cheated of millions of its great moments.
If you do not "believe" there are master secrets of the universe,
then you do not "believe" in the facts of proven science.

Shapetalk Redux - Shortcuts Expressway

Share a cute bit of Shapetalk, in pursuit of your better chances,
embrace the best of your Shapetalk, before the end of your dances.
Shapetalk could certainly please you, Shapetalk might just as well tease you.
above it all the Shortcuts Expressway hopes this Shapetalk might release you.
The bonds that hold us back are such doubts, like the traitors that Shakespeare spake of,
the most potent of all secrets, PowerGems, found inside Shapetalk, you ought take a hold of.
The secrets of champions and billionaires, the shapetalk of masters and millionaires,
are found within Shapetalk, see what it hides, perhaps YOU'll be our first trillionaire.
The Shortcuts Expressway is thrilled to be the Shapetalk Capital of the World,
and yet, Healthbook of Longevity is vying for the coveted Shapetalk spot.
Thus, via both the Shortcuts Expressway and Healthbook of Longevity,
Shapetalk presents many of the greatest master secrets of the universe.
Better to be silent, counted a fool, than to speak and remove doubt.
What you do speaks so loudly we can hardly hear a word you say.
Embrace this Shortcuts Expressway Shapetalk, and win more.
Look to the wisest, the most accomplished, the longest-lived.
These are all role models worth imitating then, refining on.
They live Shortcuts Expressway Shapetalk as a habit.
The breathe in Healthier Way of Living for a lifetime.
Raising your intelligence is among the most desirable of skills.
Raising your intelligence two times, and three times, proves a pattern.
Patterns and recipes are meant to be replicated by who commits to mastery.
So similar to growing muscles, raising your intelligence is about exercise.
Is your brain any less important than a muscle that you exercise?
You have the choice of raising your intelligence each day.
The more you exercise your mind, the brighter you prove to be.
There's no way to raise your intelligence accidentally, only by intention.
Considering who you have known who raised their intelligence, we know you can.
This Shapetalk is brought to you by the Shortcuts Expressway and Healthier Way of Living .



Masters & champions.
Shortcuts are one secret,
as shared in this Shapetalk.
Shortcuts accelerate success,
as Shapetalk accelerates learning.
The Shortcuts Expressway reminds:
Shortcuts are a hugely untapped resource,
such as using two hands where you use one.

Using more of what you already have generates more.
Repeat it one hundred times, faster, and see for yourself.
Shortcuts are the best tools for accelerating any desired result.
Ever buy food prepared by someone else? Is this not a shortcut?
Ever ask someone to do something that you could've done yourself?
How many shortcuts have you used when faced with emergency deadlines?
Have you ever performed two totally separate tasks, with skill, at the same time?
These are shortcuts you've used countless times before, that' you're still using daily.
Every one of us uses shortcuts. The smarter you get, the more shortcuts you figure out.
Sometimes, the best shortcut of all is to find someone else already using great shortcuts.
By simply mimicking their words, actions, even their attitudes and physical postures,
you are indubitably certain to repeatedly duplicate or near-duplicate their results.
Imitating the actions of champions is how we fastest imitate their best results.
It's not the art of success, it is the replicable science of success; a recipe.
When you follow the recipe you tend to get identical or similar results.
Rather than focusing on food recipes, here, it is about success.
the Shortcuts Expressway of masters and millionaires,
who ask better questions so as to get better answers.
because even you deserve a big taste of success.
The ;Shortcuts Expressway urges you on,
in hope that you'll use your new wealth,
intelligently, and compassionately,
because it all comes back to us:
bad, good, and indifferent.
Shortcuts, easing life.
YOUR shortcuts.


Shortcuts Expressway Shapetalk Wisdom Eleven

Words are air, actions are matter.
Actions are matter, in both senses.
Words are air, where actions are matter.
Words are air, while actions are what matter.
Words are air, where your actions matter more.

 Cease pretending to know more than those who do.  
Count out the meanings in that one sentence of wisdom.
How many separate meanings do you understand from this?
Back up briefly to pluck it out for your instant brain expansion.
Everything wise that you ever encounter has multiple meanings.
That gives you multiple directions from which to approach anything.
If you are interested in shattering records, particularly world records,
there is only one perfectly reliable source, known as the horse's mouth.
Even experience itself is not a perfect source; experience comes with errors.
Only the voices and actions of those who have done it can tell us truth.
Only the their attitudes and demonstrations can teach us truth.
Imitate the physical posture and breathing of depression.
Now imitate the physical attributes of your last large joy.
Do not speak of it until you engage your highest gears.
Stop pretending to know more before you do more.
Close your eyes and pretend to be 100 stories high,
peeking down at your feet slipping over the edge.
Now you know proof that ideas are very physical.
Changing them to reality needs a clear definition.
Describe what you need and when you need it by.
Definition-wise, a goal is a dream with a deadline.
If you knew more, surely you would do much more.
A high-speed Shapetalk Shortcuts Way is to follow the leaders.
Your personality, your initiative, your experiences, are added later.
Your job in the next two thousand hours of your life is to define & refine.
Tell us in a dozen words or less, each - what your top ten lifetime goals now are.
Each goal must be attached to a list of organizations and people who can help out.
Asking each one of them seven to eight times each guarantees that you will have help.
Thus, other people will be actively working to help you achieve each of your critical goals.
Start in the next five to ten minutes, listing precisely what you want, as detailed as you wish.
You will rapidly beat the increasing curve of stupidity, ignorance, & most all of all, mediocrity.
Folks who believe that one national brand is better than another, that one car does a better job,
those millions who actually send their money to billionaires they will never meet or benefit from,
sentence themselves to lifetimes of mediocrity, while you easily exempt yourself from this, winning.
Recover some 80 percent of all your discretionary cash by not sending them to advertisers and execs.
If you only save, say, fifty per week, for 100 fast-flying weeks, what can or will you do with five thousand?
This Shortcuts Expressway Shapetalk advises you that what you say means so much less than what you do
Jump onto the bandwagon of wealth. If "blessed," you will earn up to 2,000 paychecks in your lifetime, right?
Never mind waiting for bigger paychecks later on. Even self-employed, EVERY piece of income, take a piece.
You must pay yourself first, by putting some of that money into NEVER TOUCH status, to bring other money.
Jack Canfield's Law Of Accumulation is so solid: Each bit of cash you stash causes more to come to you.
The Shortcuts Expressway begs you to stop forming opinions, you do not know more than millionaires.
Within this Shapetalk are numerous master secrets of the universe, guaranteed to bring you profit.
Never again, as long as you live, ever forget that every piece of wisdom has multiple layers in it.
When you think you understand any bit of wisdom, absorb it several more times for each layer

This does not mean you will live as a pauper. Each delay brings huge profits.
If you are seriously materialistic, you can spend hugely when you have huge sums.
Learn here and now if you have not learned it already that dollars are hundreds.
Each piece of paper money that you invest rather than spend multiplies for you.
Each one becomes double at some point in time, at which time it is re-invested.
For example, when you learn to increase a sum by one percent, you know all.
When you increase something by one percent, just repeat it a hundred times.
As you get learn to achieve that one percent just a little bit faster each time,
you achieve doubling faster and faster with each repetition of one hundred.
Now, get this, the most delicious mathematical fact of wealth development:
What you double ten times is not ten times what you started out with, hm?
Anything you double ten times yields for you a one thousand times return.
What you double ten times becomes a thousand times what you began with.
There are more than a few ways you can earn one percent in a week, or a day.
It does not even matter how modestly you start off, provided you re-invest profits.
If you knew better, you'd do better. Until then, heed masters and millionaires who do.
These are master secrets of the universe of wealth development. Speak less and do more.

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Another Bottom Line:Shapetalk Seeks Elicit Shapetalk From Within YOU

People may (or may not) ask why none of MisterShortcuts fantastic devices are sold or promoted here.
Some 99-plus percent of ALL creations from the Godfather of EyeCandy (do browsers still show?) ...
are presented for purposes more important than generating cash. Put the cc and email info away.

Whoever and wherever you are, you are capable of identifying what you most want.
Break it into smaller pieces, ALWAYS creating written lists of who can help.

The world is your oyster, if you'll have it so. Shapetalk is here to aid.

Reach inside yourself for WHATEVER floats your boat. Let's get busy.
The world of Shapetalk anticipates bringing out the Shapetalk in YOU!


Shapetalk And Opinion

Raise your intelligence in just seconds using these Shortcuts Expressway PowerGems.
In this tiny shapetalk alone, you have several master secrets of the universe to make use of.
Stop forming opinions. Most of them have proved useless to you. Process information carefully.
Trading just one of every ten petty chatty minutes for a minute of your best thinking gives you profit.
The only opinions you can benefit from are the opinions of those who have repeatedly done it successfully.
The Shortcuts Expressway believes hugely in your self-empowerment, with the Godfather of EyeCandy, for You 
These are the proven shortcuts of masters and millionaires, the sweet shortcuts of champions and billionaires,
as well, YOUR most potent shortcuts to success. That's why the Shortcuts Expressway is here for your life

EyeCandy Shapetalk shortcuts from the Expressway of Shortcuts. Empower yourself to help yourself.
Mastery is as close as a hundred or a thousand days away, dependent only upon YOUR hunger.
In every honest race ever run, that race has always been won by the hungriest contestant.
Your intelligence, AND your probabilities, increase when you identify what you hunger for.

Buy local, taking back the 80% of your money going to execs and advertising.
Delay your short-term gratifications for the hyper-profits of investing in you.
Even that change in this one habit, from spending, to investing in yourself,
puts noticeably bigger portions of your current income into YOUR future.
How many of YOUR 2,000 or so paychecks have you already received?
More importantly, how many of them did you slice off for your future?
Every one you save today becomes dozens or hundreds tomorrow.
Heed this Shapetalk Shortcuts Way Shapetalk master truth of life.
Your wealth will grow faster and faster when you engage this.
Shapetalking exists to help you to effectively help yourself.
Take SOMETHING from every instance of your income,
and find the way to INVEST that something into you.
It will fund so many of your better tomorrows.

The Shortcuts Expressway welcomes you into the Shapetalk Capital of the Internet